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Fire Warden Training

In the event of a fire, it’s the fire wardens who will be responsible for facilitating safe evacuation and taking a headcount, amongst other important duties. 

Here at Firepoint Services, as part of our fire safety training, we provide fire warden training courses to ensure your volunteers are armed with all the relevant skills and knowledge they’ll need to fulfil their fire warden duties. 

What does the law say about Fire Marshal Training? 

It is a legal requirement to have properly trained fire wardens amongst your employees. Generally, it’s recommended to have one fire warden for every 20-50 people, depending on risk factors. And not only is it your legal responsibility to have them present, they must also be trained up to industry standards.  

Our trained instructors will deliver the fire marshal training course in one day, and it will cover everything a warden needs to know in accordance with current legislation. At the end of the training, all participants will receive certification of completion of the course. 

A fire warden training course may cover topics such as: 

  • Action on discovery of a fire
  • Action on hearing an alarm
  • Escape routes and assembly points
  • Duties of a fire warden
  • Information on fire classes and extinguishers
  • Q&A session
  • And much more 

Fire Marshal Training in Newcastle, Sunderland & Durham

To find out more about our fire marshal training, simply get in touch with our advisers today. We’re always happy to help businesses of any size across the UK, including in our local areas of Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham, Edinburgh, Glasgow and the Scottish Borders.

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